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Rengin Yilmaz, 43, Micropigmentation Instructor

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“As my awareness increased, people who have A+ quality started to accumulate in my life. When I got together with these people, I realized that something was missing. It was just ‘themselves.’ […] And I was so scared to be like that. ”

“I am responsible if I see it, if I hear it, ok. Thank you. But what is it that you hear or see? This is a huge confrontation! And this “yourself” you see in this confrontation is the “yourself” you see when you look in the mirror? “

Now, we will answer the question of why a person, both from successful business life and decent family life, come up and distribute food in Balat. Ultimately, it is no different from getting out of the cosy bed in the middle of winter. Whether there is a problem with the “comfortable” term or is a “regular life” is too much?

Here is sister Rengin, who is tall, elegant, calm and always shining with our coffeehouse’s smile … If we were in Middle-earth of fantastic literature, sister Rengin would be an “elf” for sure ☺

She worked in the economics industry for about 15 years. Although she was a lady, she was interested in the cosmetics industry, which she thought had nothing to do with herself, and started to make up. Luck helped her. Or, in her own words, “since her intention was sincere and genuine, she became successful”… After she worked with photographers and had achievements in this industry, she started to team up and work ins projects. Coincidentally she became a permanent makeup model one day. She enjoyed this and when a friend whom she loved thought she had done her eyebrows on her own and appreciated her, Rengin who accepted this appreciation in a modest and reluctantly way, on the same day with the request of her friend found herself “doing eyebrows” anymore. She started to work on something she never knew and became a desired specialist day by day. The basis of her success was her courage rather than knowledge. Afterwards, she started to explore the basics of the business by getting training on various machines, human anatomy and pigmentation. She made very serious investments. At the end of these 5 years, he is currently teaching at a faculty and is invited to the most popular TV programs of the country such as “Take Good Care of yourself with Ebru Akel” and “With Zahide Yetiş”. She participated in a long live broadcast on the HaberTürk channel for the first time in her industry, became the subject of TRT Main News, in short, she became a wanted master. But was that what she was looking for?

(Then, during our conversation, a friend we love approached our table and said she could not resist herself to tell how Rengin’s eyebrows are very beautiful. Since it was documented in our sound recording it would be unfair not to mention it here. You could see Rengin’s success in her business life by looking at her face.  )

I asked her why did she come to Balat, while her life was very good, her work was going on properly, and while she was stepping up success stairs one by one? What was needed? She replies mee as she replied several times: “As my awareness increased, people who have A+ quality started to accumulate in my life. When I got together with these people, I realized that something was missing. It was just ‘themselves.”

They always live in outside. However, what we were aiming to find our insides. This should have been the real journey. Unfortunately, we always fed ourselves from the outside and suppressed the inside. And I was so scared to be like that. ” With this justified fear of success, it may be more correct to say that Rengin intended to show courage to expand, diversify her network, see lower living standards and actually see the “real” truth. The first thing that came to her mind was a charity. Our sister, who was enlightened by the crazy projects of the Deliler Coffeehouse, decided, in her own words, “to jump from ship to a boat, and thus to manoeuvre more comfortably in life”. She got into the ‘crazy’ business and started to discover who she really was.

Of course, this did not happen when he said so. Actually, Rengin, who came to Derviş Baba Coffeehouse in Cihangir 3 years ago, came to the brother Ali’s ‘Relationship” talk and said, “What an irrelevant man at the age of 50-55, who got married 8 times, divorced 7 times, wearing earring and a motorized cap. Actually she could not match Ali’s image with the one she had on her mind and she did not come again. And for years, she only donated money without stepping into the Deliler Kahvehanesi. Our sister, who spoke of this situation with regret, wails for the years she missed.

I ask to Rengin, “Well, what happened when you came here?” She gives her first answer very quickly: “My prejudices have eased, I cannot say that it is completely over!”

“I don’t tag people as soon as I see them anymore. Instead, I say, “I don’t know.” At least I give time. I always started with 100 credits or 0 credits to human relations, now I give 50 credits. Maybe I have an idea but nothing more. I leave it to time. ”

“Most importantly, I learned not to be afraid. I’m walking alone in the street alone anymore. Because I learned that a person that is outside is no different from me. This is a breakthrough for me because I used to get in the car in the evening, lock the car, and I was only able to walk between the parking lot and my Office. I was not able to walk on the street alone. NOW, I WALK IN BALAT STREETS ☺ ”

When Rengin, who adds that reaching this awareness is very easy at this Deliler Kahvehanesi, said that she benefited from the common communication of Ali’s brother and other volunteers here and listened to their guidance, I said, you did not have to listen to them, why did you listen to their guidance? Again, a quick answer came: “Because I wanted to find myself”.

Our sister, who is responsible for food distribution, soup kitchen cleaning and all the organizational affairs of the Deliler Kahvehanesi on certain days of the week, tries to support and use her extensive business network for the ones in need, continues to walk on the path of inner discovery by interacting with volunteers. And she says: “Let those who dare to face come here. I am responsible if I see it if I hear it. Thank you. But what do you hear? This is a huge confrontation! And the “yourself” you see in this confrontation is the “yourself” you see when you look in the mirror? “