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About Us


Deliler Coffeehouse is the cafe of ideal union where its volunteers are trying to help those who are stuck in life to get back on track. It is a unity of feelings where hundreds of people who are aware of their social responsibilities and whose common ground is volunteering meet, unite and put forth their efforts, money, time and in short, their heart. This is a place where hearts are in harmony. The people whose common point is volunteering and who are aware of their social responsibilities started meeting first in Balat, and then from mouth to mouth the idea spreaded on social media. The volunteers do not only spend their time and money but most importantly they commit their hearts to it as well.
We are responsible for everything we see and hear.

We are willing to take actions to find solutions for any kind of deprivation that we witness at any moment of our daily lives rather than turning back and forgetting about it. What we provide are not big things mostly. Sometimes they are diapers and baby food, sometimes a small scholarship for education… And sometimes what we provide is only listening to and approving the friend in need … We want to witness that lives can change…

Ali Denizci

Our Story

Ali Denizci, who established Dervis Baba Social Cooperation & Solidarity Association with Musa Dede and Tayyar Usta to help the people in need in the streets in 2009, moved on this idea of social responsibility under the name of Deliler Coffeehouse in 2016. Deliler Coffeehouse have been providing help for people in need with its volunteers regardless of their religion, nationality, ethnic background, gender or political view. It is a non-profit social responsibility project, which has been operating independently of any economic, political or religious groups. It continues to grow thanks to volunteer efforts and donations.